Get ahead of other MUAs to gain jobs, using our special ‘Early Bird’ option with a small token of £2 for every new lead.
Winning your first few jobs on Muatroupe can take time and effort. Most MUAs win their first job after being shortlisted between 4 and 8 times. A complete profile could help you win your first job faster. As you build up feedback, you become more trusted by customers and it gets easier to win jobs It’s important that new MUAs commit a reasonable budget for shortlist fees and allow enough time to judge whether or not Muatroupe is a good fit for their business. If you have any other questions about how Muatroupe works, see our frequently asked questions or contact our customer success team
Customers shortlist on average between 3 and 5 MUAs. Up to 5 MUAs can be shortlisted but that cap is rarely reached and we encourage customers to shortlist responsibly.
There is a small one off membership fee of £15 to cover registration/administration charges. In addition you will be required to pat a small monthly token of £5 per moth to keep you account active